Re-Activating LED Lights

How The Lights Work

Our LED wheels are powered by kinetic energy rather than battery power. The LED lights are activated when the wheel is rotated either by spinning by hand or when the scooter is in motion.


It’s unusual for the LED lights on the wheels not to light up however there are a few methods you can carry out to resolve this if it does happen.

Method 1 – Tighten the wheel bolt

If the bearing on the wheel is not tight enough around the LED mechanism located in the center of the wheel, the lights will not work.


The most common cause for the lights not working is due to the bolt not being tight enough.


Tighten the bolt on the wheel and the spin the wheel to test if this has worked.


Please note, the front left wheel bolt (if standing on the scooter) tightens by turning anti-clockwise. All other bolts tighten by turning clockwise.

Method 2 – Push the bearings in

If the LED lights are not engaged by tightening the bolt, you would next need to remove the wheel in question.


Once removed, push the bearings on either side of the wheel as far as possible into the center of the wheel.


Try to make them as flush as possible with the wheel.

Reattach the wheel and test.

Method 3 – Remove Bearings - Step 1

The final method is to remove the wheel from the scooter and also remove the bearings from the wheel.


To help remove the bearing from the wheel use one of the allen keys provided or something similar to leaver out the bearing.


Please see the steps below to show you how to do this.


Step 1: Place the allen key in the center of the wheel and under the top bearing.

Step 2

Push down on the top of the allen key to ease the bearing out.

Step 3

To help remove this, try pushing down on the allen key on different parts of the bearing to ease out each section of the bearing.


For example you could start with the allen key under the left part of the bearing and then rotate your way round, pushing down on the allen key until it comes out.

Step 4

Turn the wheel around and repeat for the second bearing. Once the bearings have been removed put them back into place.


Please try to ensure that these are not put in at an angle and that they are parallel with the LED mechanism (white central part found in the center of the wheel between the two bearings).

Step 5

Push the bearings in as far as possible into the wheel, until they are almost flush with the wheel.


Finally put the wheel back onto the scooter and test to see if the LED lights work.

What To Do Next…

If the methods listed above do not help to activate the LED lights, the wheel will need to be replaced.


Within Warranty

Please contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to help and send you a replacement wheel free of charge.

Click HERE to go to our contact form.


Outside Warranty

Please visit our parts shop on our website where we sell parts at a low cost including replacement wheels.

Click HERE to go to our parts shop.

Please select the model of scooter you have, select which wheel you would like (front of rear) and then choose the colour you would like.


We have all of our 6 colour coded wheels as well as our previous black LED wheels for scooters purchased before December 2018.