Installing New Folding Screw & Clasp Lock


If the screw and clasp has been completly detached from your 3Style® scooter then you will need to rethread this back through a spring located on the inside of the handlebars.


This will then allow the opening and closing mechanism to work correctly and the screw and clasp will spring into position.


For this you will need a long pair of pliers and also the medium size allen key provided in your box of your original order.

Step 1

Place your RGS-1 3Style® scooter on a table or another surface similar.

Step 2

Remove the black leaver from your scooter and put to one side along with the screw and clasp.

Step 3

Then you will need to remove the bolt located at the bases of the handlebars which connects the handles to the base of the scooter.  You may need to use two allen keys for this, one to hold one side into place and then another to rotate and unscrew the other side of the bolt.

Step 4

Once unscrewed, fully remove both parts and to one side with the other parts.

Step 5

You can now completely detach the handlebars from the base of the scooter.

Step 6

There will also be a small spring that will be loose in the handlebar stem, remove this and leave to one side.

Step 7

Place your scooter upside down exposing the metal plate between the wheels at the base of the scooter.

Step 8

Remove both bolts on the underside of the scooter using the allen key.

Step 9

Then remove the two screws holding the metal plate in place.

Step 10

Remove the metal plate from the scooter.

Step 11

You will just need the handlebar stem for the next few steps.

Step 12

Put the black leaver back into place.

Step 13

Next you will need the spring that was located inside the handlebar stem.

The smaller loop on the end needs to be slotted into the black leaver on the inside of the handlebar pole. Please see the picture to show how they should slot into each other inside the handlebar stem. You are looking to align the hole on the leaver with the small loop of the spring.

Step 14

This can be done by hand however to make this step easier use long pliers to help put this into place.

Step 15

Once the spring is in place, put the screw and clasp back into place.

This needs to thread through the hole on the black leaver and also the small loop of the spring.

Step 16

Put the handlebars back into place on the scooter.

Step 17

Turn the scooter over to expose the underside.

Step 18

Next you need to align the bolt hole on the scooter with the bolt hole on the handlebar stem. Push the larger part of the bolt half way through as shown in this picture.

Step 19

Using long pliers, pick up the larger loop of the spring and put this around the bolt.

If you do not have long pliers available another option is to thread a piece of string through the larger loop of the spring after step 15. The spring can then be pulled up and around the bolt in this step. Once the bolt is through the loop push the bolt all the way through so that it’s fully in place.

Step 20

Finally screw the smaller end of the bolt back into place