Setting Up Your RGS-1 Scooter



Place your RGS-1 3Style Scooter® on a table or similar surface.


Open the clasp located at the base of the handlebars.

Step 3

Once the clasp is open, loosen the nut located on the other side of the handlebar stem. Loosen the nut as much as you need to but do not remove this.

Step 4

Next pull up on the black latch to lift the screw and clasp out of the recess that’s keeping it in place.

Step 5

If this is stiff to lift up then you can push either side of the screw and clasp to lift this out.

Step 6

Once this has been pulled up you can then lift the handlebars up into the upright position.

Step 7

The black latch and the screw and clasp will spring down into the top recess keeping it in place.

Step 8

Please make sure this it correctly pushed into position as shown in this picture before tightening and closing the clasp.

Step 9

Once fully in place you need to tighten the nut first.

Step 10

Once the nut has been tightened you can then close the clasp.

This will provide further tension on this join, meaning there won’t be any movement when the scooter is in motion.

Step 11

If you are not able to fully close the clasp, open the clasp again and slightly loosen the nut and then try closing the clasp again.


You must tighten the nut first before closing the clasp! This will ensure the clasp and handlebars are securely fastened and that they will not come loose whilst in use.


Step 12

Repeat this until you are able to securely close the clasp. This should be closed as tight as possible but you must be able to fully close the clasp as shown in the picture below.


It’s important that you close the clasp facing down towards the floor. Closing it this way round will push the clasp further down into the recess.