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RGS-1 Spares

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RGS-1/2 Single Front LED Wheel


RGS-1 Single Rear LED Wheel


RGS-1 Front Right Wheel Bolt


RGS-1 Handlebar Base Bolt


RGS Scooter Range Pair of Handle Grips


RGS-1 Base Screw & Clasp


RGS-1 Rear Brake Kit


RGS-1 Rear Wheel Bolt


RGS-1 Height Adjustable Button


RGS-1 Front Left Wheel Bolt


RGS-1 Collar Clamp


RGS Scooter Range Pair of Bearings


RGS-1 Spares

Although designed to take all the knocks and scrapes you can throw at them parts may wear naturally over time, such as brake pads, and so we provide a range of low-cost replacement parts to keep you scooting longer, for less!

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