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22" Mini-Cruisers

Great For Kids And Easy Street Skating

The Californian Cruisers are bright & vibrant and are available in Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red and White.

27" Cruisers

Perfect For Teens And Adult Riders

The Californian Cruiser are bright & vibrant and are available in Black, Blue and Red.

36" Longboards

Easy Cruising With Our Larger Boards

The super sick cruiser provides a sweet ride for downhill and slalom racing.

Parts Shop

Spares And Accessories For Our Boards

All the parts you need to repair or customise your board

3Style® Skateboards epitomise the classic retro stylings of 70’s vintage plastic boards and are available in a range of sizes and fresh bold colours.

Whether you’re cruising to a skate spot, bombing a hill, getting around town or riding your way to and from school, we have a 3Style® Skateboard to suit you!

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