RGS-3 - Big Kids 3 Wheel Scooter - For Ages 5+

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  • LED Flashing Wheels - Our 2 inch chunky wheels feature LED lights that flash and spin as you glide around!
  • Foldable Handlebar System - This means you can fold the scooter up when it's not in use, saving space in your home or car. It also makes carrying the scooter much easier if you're walking long distances.
  • Tilt To Turn Steering - You'll be able to turn with ease thanks to our tilt-to-turn steering mechanism! Just tilt the handlebars and you'll be able to go in any direction you want.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT - The height of the scooter can be adjusted to grow with your child. Starting at 58cm and moving to 78cm, 82cm and 86cm.
  • VIBRANT COLOURS - Available in 6 fantastic colours, blue, black, green, pink, purple and orange.