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One Mum and Daughter's love of the great outdoors builds a company that brings joy to kids everywhere!

Here at 3Style® we really are an old-fashioned success story, the company was formed in 2015 and has fast grown to become one of the most loved manufacturers of kids 3-Wheel Kick Scooters and Retro Skateboards.

The company was founded by Stephanie Harris after her young daughter Ruby’s scooter broke and Stephanie was looking at a hefty payment to replace it. When looking at more affordable alternatives to her existing one she just couldn’t find something that felt reasonably priced yet well designed.

With partner Matt, Stephanie set out on a journey to develop her own scooter range that would be perfect for Parents just like her, culminating in the launch of the company’s RGS1,2 & 3 series scooters, so called for Ruby (Grace Stephens) herself!

Perfect for kids ranging 2 – 12, Ruby’s scooters have had a few upgrades over her previous one, such as LED flashing wheels on some models, and it is these features along with their great price that has seen the RGS range sit consistently in Amazons list of top 10 selling Kick Scooter products since their launch.

But we won’t be stopping there, 3Style® continues to go from strength to strength with plans for new products for young kids and big kids alike as we continue to ensure that children and families everywhere can afford to spend more time together and less on the cost of their Scooters!


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