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Scooters and Skateboards are all about having fun, being outdoors and completing awesome tricks. That said you first and foremost must think about your safety. A good starting point is to use the same precautions as you would any other type of wheeled product, like your bike or skates. Put your safety first to avoid falling or a potentially serious injury to yourself or those around you.


The majority of scooters on the market today will be aimed at ages 3 and upwards, anyone under the age of eight should be supervised at all times. As a guide children under 8 should be supervised until they are confident in controlling their scooter, and can ride safely.


As with any wheeled riding product, always wear a safety helmet that has been approved to British Safety Standards. It is also highly recommended that you wear protective elbow and knee-pads. Be sensible about the clothing and footwear you are wearing whilst riding your scooter, don’t ride barefoot, and keep long laces well out of the way of wheels. Wrist guards can also be considered for the more experienced rider performing trick and stunts.


Always make sure your scooter is road worthy before use. Handlebars should be secure, and steering tube to the correct height for you. Make sure all locks are in position, and check bolts over for and loose ones and tighten if necessary. Give your wheels a check over to make sure they turn smoothly, and lubricate if needed.


If you are new to riding get to know your scooter first and take things slow, even changing scooter brands you will need to get a feel for how the scooter handles before trying to increase speed or tricks. The brake systems on scooters need to be fully mastered for safety, as different scooters definitely break at different pressure points. Practice breaking at various speeds and over different terrains and ground gradients in a safe open space before taking to the pavements.


Be aware of the weather conditions and your surrounding when riding. Never ride through water as this will mess up your wheels in the long run. Look out for things like sand, bumps in the ground and gravel, which will impact on your speed and could cause you to fall from your scooter. Watch out for others, especially if riding the pavements, be considerate and stop and walk your scooter if necessary. Never ride in the road or through traffic.


Practice makes perfect as they say, but make sure you don’t try stunts or tricks to early, start off small and gain you confidence and knowledge of how your scooter handles, before you move on to bigger things. People who perform amazing tricks and stunts are people who have been riding for a very long time. Don’t ride to fast either or down steep inclines as you can easily lose control and fall not only hurting yourself but also damaging your scooter.


Thoroughly read through the owner’s manual before riding, making sure you put together your scooter properly from the start. When parts need replacing, replace them as it could cost you more in the long run. Keep you scooter clean and dry for a prolonged life and most of all Be Safe Not Sorry!

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