Donations To Help The Refugees Of The Ukraine Conflict

Donations To Help The Refugees Of The Ukraine Conflict

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The recent invasion of the country of Ukraine by Russia has been something hard to watch and to experience via the sidelines after everything the world has been through these past two years.

Although no longer in Europe, Britain and by extension the UK still of course consider the EU and it's member countries to be our close neighbours, so it is in that spirit that we felt it right to support those who have been displaced and affected by the war, especially the children.

Something To Help In A Time Of Crisis

So, we have decided to make a donation of a large number of our scooters and our 'Funky Monkey' teddy bear toy, as well as having asked around the 3style team and their friends and families.
vans worth of toys, food and essentials.

The donation of this is kindly being facilitated by the Essex Fire Brigade, with the items delivered to the Great Baddow fire station in the neighbouring town of Chelmsford here in Essex.
From there, the donations will be shipped to the Polish border for the children and families who have been forced to flee their homes and, we hope, give a small taste of normality and play back to these severely affected children and families.

Want To Help Too? Visit The British Red Cross

If you too, like us, have been affected by this humanitarian crises and would like to donate something to help, then we fully encourage you to visit the official page of the British Red Cross and make a donation of any kind.


Something To Help In Times Of Need




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