Health Benefits Of Scooting For Children

Health Benefits Of Scooting For Children

Scooting is the perfect way for kids to get out and about, have fun and develop essential life skills. Scooting is a great way to give children freedom while keeping them safe. Not only do they provide hours of entertainment, but scooting has many health benefits too! We explore why your child needs a scooter and how it can help them to stay fit, healthy and confident.


Kid's Scooter and Improved Physical Ability

Kid's three wheel scooters are great for building strength, balance and coordination. It's like having a personal gym in the park or playground. Children will develop strong bones and muscles using their bodies to move the scooter. They will also learn how to control their centre of gravity while they move, improving their balance and coordination skills. Riding a kids scooter 3 wheel  can create health benefits such as core body strength, cardio fitness, hand and foot-eye coordination and overall physical development. 


Scooter for Mental Health Benefits

Giving children a sense of control in their lives is vital for their mental well-being. Three wheel scooter allows them to move around independently and make decisions in a comfortable environment. Navigating their way around a park or playground confidently can give your child a great sense of accomplishment and freedom. Scooting also helps children focus on the present moment, which can significantly reduce stress and worry. Learning to scoot will also help develop problem-solving skills, which will be useful now and later in life. Kid’s Scooters can keep children entertained for hours and provide an outlet for their energy, leaving them feeling relaxed and content.


Getting Kids Started With Kids Three Wheel Scooters

Flexible Scoot and Ride bike for kids - convertible scooter and balance bike


Giving your child a Kid’s 3 Wheel Scooter is the perfect way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle. Children’s scooters can help children get active and give them more confidence in their abilities and independence. Children should always be supervised when using a Kids 3 Wheel Scooter but allow them to explore without fear of injury or falling. There will always be falls, but gentle falling builds health benefits as well as resilience and courage. Our scooters are well-designed to keep them safe and supported as they learn to ride. Kid's scooters also come in different sizes, so it's easier to find the right fit for your child's age and size. There's something for every child: girl's scooters or scooters for boys, unisex scooters, whatever you need.


Scoot and Ride

The benefits of scouting to school include getting out of the house quickly. As every parent knows, the ability to get to nursery or school speedily and safely is a priceless commodity. Kids 3 Wheel Scooters can help children arrive at school feeling energised and alert, ready for learning, and as a bonus, you won't have to nag them to leave on time. 

Now, that's a win, win if ever I've heard one!

They will also have fun with their friends while exploring the surrounding area. Academic research shows that students who ride scooters or cycle are likelier to engage in physical activities with their peers. Scootering is a great way to get around while becoming part of the social scene.


Strong Bodies, Healthy Bones and Muscles

As children develop health benefits such as their balance by scootering, they strengthen their arms, legs, abdomen and back muscles. We have designed our scooters to protect children from the risk of injury while they learn to be physically active and generate more health benefits. Kids will become more coordinated, agile and fit as they develop muscle memory through regular scootering activities. Scootering is an excellent way for children to stay healthy, enjoy outdoor playtime, socialise with their peers, and learn to control their movements. Three Wheel Scooters allow children to move around and have fun while developing a healthier, more active lifestyle.


Giving Kids A Sense of Freedom and Control

Riding a Three Wheel Scooter helps children practice independence, freedom and risk-taking in a safe, controlled environment. Kids can feel in control while they move around with their scooters and explore their surroundings. A Kid's Three Wheel Scooter will open new doors and give them the confidence to try cycling or roller skating activities. The sense of freedom that comes with scooting is often underestimated, but it is one of the most critical aspects. Freedom allows children to make decisions independently and take responsibility for their actions while being aware of their environment and developing self-confidence and self-worth as they explore without fear or worry.


Having Fun with a Kids Three Wheel Scooter

Having fun should always be a priority regardless of your child's age. Kids scooter 3 wheel can make playtime more exciting while helping children develop physical and mental skills. Children will have fun riding around the neighbourhood or park, creating new games and inventing different ways to use their scooters. For parents, there's nothing more rewarding than seeing your child have fun, relax and enjoy the outside and nature while setting a precedent for outdoor activities later in life. If a child is active early in life, they are likelier to take a healthy interest in sports and extracurricular activities later in life. Happy child, health benefits, ecstatic parents!


About Us

We are all about fun! Here at 3Style, we know how hard it is to find affordable scooters for children that put safety first; with that in mind, we developed our RGS range of children's three wheel scooters so that both parents and kids can have fun while they are out scootering with awesome health benefits.

Our RGS range of scooters comes in different sizes, colours and styles to fit the needs of each child and their sense of fun and style. We also know how to look after our young scooter fans with our range of SafetyMAX® Kids Safety Pads are available in all the colours to match your scooter and helmet.

Our Safety Pads are thoroughly tested and certified to ENI4I20 safety standards; you can relax knowing your child is appropriately protected for head protection. All in all, our three wheel scooters are designed to help children keep safe while they enjoy the health benefits of physical activity, independence and fun!

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