Scooter Accessories - The Best Ways to Accessorise Your Scooters

Scooters are more than just a mode of transportation for kids—they're an extension of their personality and style. At 3StyleScooters, we offer a range of fun and colourful scooter accessories to make every ride an exciting adventure. In this blog we'll discuss how you can accessorise your 3StyleScooter to match your child’s unique personality..

1. Tassels for a Splash of Colour

HandleBar Tassels For Scooters & Bikes in 6 Fun Colours - 3StyleScooters

Firstly, tassels are a fantastic way to add a vibrant touch to your child’s scooter. Available in blue, multi-colour, orange, pink, purple, and green, these tassels attach easily to the handlebars and flutter in the wind as your child scoots along. They not only look great but also provide an added element of fun and movement, making every ride more dynamic.

 2. Personalised Sticker Sets

scooter stickers

Not only this, but you can also let your child's creativity shine with our sticker sets. These stickers come in various themes and designs, allowing your little one to decorate their scooter just the way they like it. From fun letters to funky pictures, our stickers are an easy way to personalise their ride and make it uniquely theirs.

 3. Handy Scooter Bag

Scooter Bag

A scooter bag is both a practical and stylish scooter accessory. Not only does it provide extra storage space for your child’s essentials, such as snacks, toys, or a water bottle, but it is also easily attachable to the scooter's handlebars. Consequently, the scooter bag ensures that everything your child needs is within reach. Moreover, it adds a neat, organized look to their scooter.

 4. Funky Monkey Plush Toys

Monkey Teddy

Meet the Funky Monkey, our adorable plush toy that doubles as a scooter companion. This cute and cuddly monkey can be attached to the handlebars, adding a touch of whimsy and companionship to your child’s ride. The Funky Monkey not only makes the scooter more appealing but also provides comfort and a sense of fun.

 5. Whirling Windmills

Kids Scooter Windmill - 3StyleScooters

Add a playful twist to your child’s scooter with a colourful windmill. Attached to the handlebars, the windmill spins as your child rides, creating a mesmerising effect. It’s an accessory that’s sure to delight kids and make their scooting experience even more enjoyable. The windmill also serves as a great visual cue for others to see, adding an element of safety.



Accessorising your 3StyleScooter is a great way to enhance your child’s scooting experience. Whether you’re adding a splash of colour with tassels, personalising with sticker sets, or providing practicality with a scooter bag, these accessories make the scooter more fun and functional. The Funky Monkey plush toy and the playful windmill are sure to bring smiles and joy to every ride. Explore our range of accessories and let your child's personality shine through their 3StyleScooter!

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