Tips For Preventing Your Child’s Scooter From Being Stolen

If your child has ever had one of their favourite belongings stolen, you’ll know that this can be an extremely upsetting and traumatic experience. For you as their parent, this could produce some similarly negative emotions – anger, frustration, resentment.

So if you’ve recently purchased  scooters for your child or you're considering getting them one, it’s safe to assume you want to stop it from being stolen. 

If so then thankfully you’ve come to the right place as here we’ll be offering some useful tips and advice to help keep your child’s scooter safe. After reading this, hopefully you’ll have all the info you need to ensure thieves don’t manage to make off with your child’s scooter, so without further ado here are our top tips to combat would-be thieves!

Don’t Leave In Garden

This might seem obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people come to us for replacements after their child’s scooters was stolen from the garden.

A child whose favourite toy has been stolen is usually an unhappy one, and as you’ve likely forked out quite a bit for your kids scooter, you’re bound to be annoyed at the prospect of having to replace it!

Thankfully, all this can be easily avoided by simply putting the scooter indoors whenever it isn’t being used. 

Although it may be tempting to ask your child to leave it outside due to concerns over dirty wheels or limited space, a neglected scooter left unattended in the garden is a thief's dream come true!

Besides, scooters don’t take up nearly as much space as a bicycle and if you’re worried about getting dirt indoors, this is easily solved. Leave a hosepipe at the back door and tell your child to give it a quick wash down every time they’ve been out on it. This will keep your carpets clean, as well as encouraging them to keep their scooter maintained.

Buy A Lock

Although keeping their scooters indoors while your child is at home is going to protect it while they’re at the house, this won’t do much good while they’re out and about. 

As well as having fun in the street or at the skatepark, your children will probably use their scooters to get around quicker. So if they’re off to the cinema or meeting their friends at the shopping centre, chances are they’ll wanna get there on their scooters.

But with many establishments prohibiting scooters, it’s likely to get stolen if left at the entrance. This is why they need a lock, which can stop thieves from taking your child’s scooter.

There are many types of locks but obviously, due to the way scooters are built, only some will be suitable. A great option is a chain with a padlock as this can potentially be threaded through the wheel and around a lamppost or bike stand. 

Tracker Device

If you’ve splashed out on a particularly expensive scooter (or you’re simply determined to quell thieves in any way possible) you may want to consider a tracking device. 

Trackers such as AirTags or the cheaper copies have recently become valuable tools in the battle against thieves and they could be used to find your child’s scooter in the event it gets taken.

Pop the tracker inside the handlebars and it’ll show you the scooter’s precise location on a map. If the scooter is stolen then you’ll be able to see exactly where it is to retrieve it.

Not only will this prevent the need to replace the scooter, but should also provide immense satisfaction knowing you managed to get it back and stop a thief from keeping it!

Security Mark

One way to deter thieves is to get a scooter security marked which serves as a highly effective, visible warning to thieves. They know that in the event they are caught with a scooter bike, the owner can be traced and they will probably be arrested. 

Security marking products can be found at Secured by Design. Although many of the services offered are for bicycles, don;t be out off as some companies will mark scooters.

Again, this option might only seem feasible or worthwhile if your child has a particular expensive scooter. But it’s worth a mention nevertheless!

What If Scooters Gets Stolen?

I(n the event your child’s scooter does get stolen, there are a few options. In truth, most parents don’t do anything and just buy a replacement scooter for their child, but to deter thieves you may wish to contact the police who may carry out an investigation.

If you have any cameras recording then check these and ask any neighbours if they’ve seen anyone acting suspiciously. If the scooter was taken in public, look for CCTV cameras as these may help you track down the culprit.

If you can’t locate your scooter and you need a replacement, we understand your frustration. However, the good news is you’ll find many top-quality scooters at reasonable prices here. So if you need a new scooter then check out our extensive range as you’re sure to find something for your little adventurer.

Theft is something we don’t like to think about, but sadly it’s something we still need to keep in mind. With the right approach and some common sense, we can keep our childrens’ scooters safe. 

Just be sure to keep them indoors, encourage your kids to lock them up, security mark them and, if need be, put a tracker on them – that way, if it does go missing you know exactly where it is!

Hopefully, after reading this blog post you’re now ready to safeguard your child’s scooter to ensure thieves don’t manage to get their hands on their pride and joy!

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