Why Winter Is Actually A Great Time For Scooting

Winter is well and truly upon us, and for many that means laying up the bicycles and scooters until the weather warms up a little in a few months time.

But did you know that winter can actually make for an excellent time for scooting? In fact, some may even prefer riding in the colder months!

In this blog post we’ll explain why winter is an often-underappreciated time for scooting, as well as reminding you how to keep your little ones safe while they’re using their scooter in the cold season. 

Less Crowded Parks

Without a doubt the biggest benefit to scooting in the winter is the parks and ramps are less crowded. The truth is, many people are put off by the colder weather and would prefer to be indoors. But if your child is willing to brave the elements, get them to wrap up warm and they should find the places they usually scoot are far less busy.

Crowded skate parks create all sorts of issues. From people crashing into each other to kids getting bored as they’re unable to enjoy the park as they’d like. All this can be avoided in winter, making it a great time to ride unimpeded.

Challenging Conditions

Sure, winter may pose a few extra challenges, but some children may simply enjoy the extra difficulties involved in scooting at this time of the year. The colder, icy surfaces may make it easier to perform certain tricks or stunts, adding an extra layer of thrill and adventure that some kids love.

Obviously this depends on the child as some may prefer drier, warmer conditions. But for some, winter is a unique and exciting time to enjoy their scooter..

Keeps Them Active

Staying active in winter is as important as the rest of the year. In fact, research suggests children gain weight in the colder so winter is probably the most important time.

Scooting is one way to do just that as it’s actually a great workout, utilising many muscles and burning plenty of calories in the process. This should help them avoid gaining weight after all those mince pies and Ferrero Rochers!

Safety Gear

When it comes to scooting safely in winter, remembering to wear protective equipment stands far above everything else. In fact, protective gear is crucial regardless of the season but in winter when the ground can be more slippery than usual and tumbles are more likely, there’s an even greater need.

So before you let your child scoot in winter, ensure they’re wearing their helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. It’s also a good idea to drill them on the importance of this safety gear. That way they’ll be more likely to wear them without needing to be reminded.

Regular Maintenance

Another important step to ensuring your children scoot safely is to keep on top of their scooter’s maintenance. 

Regularly checking the brake system, wheels and handlebars before they set off on their little adventure can ensure the scooter is in tip-top shape and ready for the rigours of winter. It’ll also provide peace of mind for you, the parent, which is priceless.

Remind Them To Take It Slowly

If your child is a little speed demon, it might be a good idea to tell them to take it easy, just while the conditions are trickier than usual. 

This isn’t to say you have to take all the fun out of their riding. Obviously the speed and fuel of adrenaline is all part of the fun for some children, but with black ice, frozen puddles and and skiddy tarmac all possibilities in winter, remind them that it’s probably wise to take their foot off the gas a little.

So those are our top tips for scooting in winter. If you're a parent and you’re thinking that winter signals the time to wrap up the scooter for a few months, your child could actually be missing out on a fun time to ride.

Just keep in mind our safety tips and your child should be able to enjoy their scooter even during the colder winter months.

If you’re looking for a scooter for kids then you’re in the right place as we stock a wide variety of options to suit all ages. Take a look at what we have in stock or speak to our team as we’d be happy to assist.

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