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      Introducing the RGS-2 Childrens Scooter

      Crafted for Kids Aged 5 and Up

      Unveiling the RGS-2, a premier childrens scooter meticulously designed for kids aged 5 and above. Within our esteemed RGS range, we prioritise your child’s riding development and comfort, making the RGS-2 an exceptional choice in today's market. Bursting with features that elevate safety, customization, and enjoyment, the RGS-2 epitomizes excellence in childrens scooters.

      LED Wheels - Illuminate the Ride

      Fitted with LED flashing wheels (no batteries required!), boasting a lightweight construction, and available in 6 vibrant colours, the RGS-2 childrens scooter promises to keep your child enthralled. Furthermore, our adjustable handlebar height system ensures the RGS-2 grows alongside your child, cementing its status as one of the finest scooters for kids on the market.

      Confidence - Empower Your Child With A Childrens Scooter

      As your child navigates their formative years and develops their sense of identity and confidence is paramount. Our RGS-2 scooter is purposefully designed to enhance their natural intuition and capabilities. Featuring an inbuilt aluminium easy-press rear brake system, Allowing the RGS-2 empowers your child to take charge. Additionally, its three-wheel design significantly enhances stability, ensuring your child remains steady and upright.

      Childrens Scooter Accessories

      All our scooters can be coupled with our colour-matched scooter safety ranges. Moreover, we offer replacement parts for the RGS-2, along with comprehensive maintenance guides and instruction manuals. Explore our extensive range of scooter accessories, including handlebar tassels, scooter windmills, scooter sticker packs, and ZoomiBuddi, our funky monkey attachment for childrens scooters, to curate the ultimate bespoke package gift.

      Sustainable Kinetic Energy - Flashing Wheel Lights

      At 3Style, sustainability tops our agenda. Hence, we engineered the RGS scooter range to operate without batteries. The “Spin and Flash” wheels harness your child’s scooting momentum, delivering an eco-friendly and hassle-free experience, even in low-light conditions.

      Lightweight and Folding Design - On-the-Go Convenience

      Weighing a mere 3.5kg, the RGS-2 kids scooter offers effortless transportability. Its convenient foldable design facilitates easy carrying and ideal for tired children or unexpected weather changes. Additionally, the foldable design conserves storage space, making it perfect for travel.

      “Easy Glide” Tilt to Turn Mechanism - Intuitive Manoeuvring

      Featuring our patented easy glide tilt-to-turn mechanism, In addition the RGS-2 enables your child to steer the scooter by simply leaning in the desired direction. This feature enhances motor skills, coordination, and confidence during this pivotal developmental stage.

      Adjustable Handlebar Height - Growing with Your Child

      To accommodate your child’s growth, the RGS-2 childrens scooter boasts adjustable handlebar height. With height adjustments ranging from 59cm to 87cm, and convenient increments of 79cm and 83cm, the RGS-2 evolves alongside your child.

      Vibrant Colours - Personalise the Experience

      Available in an array of cheerful colours, the RGS-2 offers options to suit every preference. Pair it with colour-matching safety gear from our RollerMAX® Safety Helmet range or SafetyMAX® range for added flair and protection.

      Alternative Sizes - Explore Our Childrens Scooter Range

      If your child is aged 5 or above, the RGS-3 stands as the ideal scooter. In addition, for younger children we offer our RGS-0 - Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter With Seat Ages 2+. For ages 3 and above, consider the RGS-1. Additionally, the TS360 Shadow Stunt Scooter presents an excellent option for children aged 8 and above.