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      3 Wheel Scooter For Big Kids

      The RGS-3 from 3Style Scooters stands out as the top choice for 3 wheeled scooters. With its two-inch wide wheels ensuring maximum stability and a range of unique colour combinations, the RGS-3 is guaranteed to delight your child. This design emerged from a need for high-quality yet affordable 3 wheeled scooters, and the RGS-3 meets that demand perfectly. Featuring a three-wheel scooter design, adjustable/foldable handlebars, and tilt-to-turn steering, this scooter ranks among our finest offerings. Additionally, let's not forget our signature “Spin and Flash” wheels, designed to light up your child's day! Furthermore, the RGS-3 is the ultimate 3 wheeled scooter for kids aged 5 and above.


      The RGS-3's standout feature is its two-inch wide wheels, ensuring unparalleled safety. Like all scooters in our RGS range, the RGS-3 boasts an optimal 3 wheeled scooter design. To enhance safety even further, we incorporated sturdy two-inch wide wheels into the RGS-3's design. These wheels provide nearly double the surface area contact with the ground, guaranteeing your child's safety and stability while scooting. Additionally, the easy press aluminium rear brake system offers enhanced riding management, instilling confidence and control in your child's scooting experience.

      Unique Colour Scheme

      The RGS-3 features a distinctive all-black colour scheme with options for coloured wheels and stems. Despite this, you can effortlessly coordinate the RGS-3 with our range of scooter safety gear. Moreover, replacement parts for the RGS-3 are readily available from our online store, including T-bars, replacement wheels, handle grips, and more. You can also find maintenance and operational guides. For complete customization of your child's 3 wheeled scooter, we offer a wide range of scooter accessories! These include handlebar tassels (available in 6 colours), scooter windmills, and scooter sticker packs (with pictures or letters). Additionally, let's not forget "ZoomiBuddi," our funky monkey attachment for kids' scooters! Unleash your creativity and create a fully personalized scooter set for your child with our range.

      Benefits & Features Of This 3 Wheel Scooter


      Two-Inch Wide Wheels with LED Flashing Wheel Lights

      The RGS-3 boasts two-inch wide wheels, making it the ultimate 3 wheeled scooters for big kids. As your child scoots along, kinetic energy powers the LED flashing wheel lights. Our signature “Spin and Flash” wheels have kept many children entertained for hours on end. This feature also enables parents to keep track of their children's scooting activities during low light conditions.

      Tilt-to-Turn “Easy Glide” Mechanism

      Complementing the two-inch wide wheels, our patented tilt-to-turn “Easy Glide” mechanism makes the RGS-3 incredibly user-friendly. Your child can effortlessly manoeuvre the scooter by simply leaning to turn, rather than turning the scooter handlebars. This mechanism promotes and enhances your child's balance, coordination, and motor skills – essential aspects of their physical development.

      Foldable and Lightweight

      Weighing in at a market-leading 3.5kg, the RGS-3 is designed with a simple and reliable easy-fold mechanism. When your child becomes bored or tired, folding and carrying the RGS-3 scooter is a breeze. This feature also extends the scooter's portability, making it easy to take along during travels and saving space and weight during car journeys.

      Adjustable Handlebars

      The RGS-3 kids' 3 wheeled scooter can accommodate your child throughout their developmental years, thanks to its durable components. Even the tallest 5-year-olds can comfortably use the RGS-3, thanks to its adjustable handlebar height. The height can be adjusted from 58cm to 86cm, catering to a range of heights and builds. With height settings increments of 78cm and 82cm, the scooter offers even more customization options.

      Unique Colour Schemes – Matching Safety Equipment

      The RGS-3 scooter for big kids features its own unique colour design. While the base and handlebars remain black across all colour options, the stems are available in multiple colours. These colours coordinate seamlessly with the RGS scooters for kids range, including black, blue, green, purple, hot pink, and orange. We also offer all these colours to match our RollerMAX® Safety Helmet and SafetyMAX® sets.

      Alternative 3 Wheel Scooter Sizes

      The RGS-3 stands out as the top choice for a 3 wheeled scooter for big kids aged 5 and above. If you're in need of a scooter for 2-year-olds, look no further than the RGS-0 3 wheeled scooter for toddlers. The RGS-1 scooter for kids is perfect for ages 3 and up, offering another option alongside the RGS-1 - Kids 3 Wheel Scooter - For Ages 3+.