Installing RGS-1 Brake

Tools Required For This Repair

For this repair you will need a Philip head screwdriver. This tool is provided with all order in the original box.

Step 1

Place your RGS-1 3Style scooter upside down on a table or similar surface.

Step 2

Remove the 6 screws located on the base of the scooter.

Step 3

Once the screws have been removed, turn the scooter the right way up.

Step 4

Extend the handlebars to the upright position.

Step 5

Lift the coloured plastic up over the brake as shown in this picture which will then expose the screws keeping the brake in place.

Step 6

Remove both of the screws attaching the brake.

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Step 7

Remove the brake or if the brake has snapped off, remove the remainder of the brake plate.

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Step 8

When the brake has been removed, turn the scooter around. Then using the small screw removed from the scooter, push this back through to push out the nuts on the other side.

Step 9

Once both nuts have been removed discard the old screws and nuts.

Step 10

Put in your new brake along with the new screws.

Step 11

This is easier if you put the nuts in place first and then screw the screws into place.

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Step 12

Once the brake has been securely attached put the coloured plastic over the brake.

Step 13

To make this easier push down one side at a time to get this over the brake.

Don’t be afraid to push hard to get the plastic over the brake. You could also try pushing the brake slightly to one side to help push the coloured plastic back into place.

Step 14

Screw the 6 screws back into place on the base of the scooter.