Installing RGS-1 Steering Spring

Tools Required For This Repair

For this repair you will need a philip head screwdriver and the medium sized allen key provided in the box of your original order.You will also require another allen key the same size as the large allen key provided to help with this repair.

Step 1

Place your 3Style Scooter on a table or similar surface upside-down, this will allow you to have easy access to the steering column.

Step 2

Remove the two bolts located at the top going through the metal plate.

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Step 3

Then remove the small screws which also go through the metal plate.

Step 4

Take off the metal plate.

Step 5

Pull the wheel axle off from the base and put the scooter to one side.

Step 6

Using the larger allen key put this into place on the bolt attaching the steering spring.

Step 7

In order to loosen this bolt, you will need to use another large allen key to put into the other side of the bolt.

Step 8

Once loosened, remove the bolt and put to one side.

Step 9

Push up on the spring to remove the spring and the covering metal plate.

Step 10

Put in your new replacement spring. You will need to pinch the spring in order for it to fit into the spring assembly.

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Step 11

While still holding the spring in place, put back on the metal covering plate. Keep applying pressure to this as the spring might pop out of the assembly.

Step 12

Push through the larger end of the bolt into the underside of the spring assembly.

Step 13

While still holding everything in place screw back in the smaller end of the bolt.

Step 14

Tightly screw this into place.

Step 15

Next position the wheel axle back onto the scooter.

Step 16

Please make sure that the ends of the springs are correctly positioned inside of the black plastic base. You may need to tilt the wheels side to side to get this in correctly.

Step 17

Place the metal fender plate back onto the scooter.

Step 18

Finally secure the bolts and screws tightly into place.

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