Installing RGS-2 and RGS-3 Height Adjust Button

Installing Height Adjust Button

Tools For This Repair

For this repair you will need a philip head screwdriver and the medium sized allen key provided in the box of your original order.
You will also need a pair of long pliers or something similar to remove the height adjust button from the handlebars.

Step 1

Open the collar clasp on your scooter.
Step 2
Loosen but do not remove the large screw on the collar clasp using the largest allen key provided.
Step 3
Then remove the small screw on the collar clasp using the smallest allen key provided and put to one side.
Step 4

Lift up the collar clasp

Step 5

Push in the height adjust button and then pull the T-bar out from the handlebar stem. Put the collar clasp to one side. 

Step 6

If the button is jammed inside the scooter you will be able to locate the button inside the top of the T-bar. 

Step 7
If the button has come out of place and is not located inside the T-bar, remove the height adjust button spring using long pliers.
Once removed you can then put into place your new button.
Make sure that the button is on the same side as the hole on the T-bar and that the curved side of the spring goes in first. Push the button into the T-bar until it pops out into place. 
Step 8
There are two plastic sleeves located on the T-bar. The smaller plastic sleeve goes at the bottom of the handlebar stem. The height adjust button goes through the hole on this sleeve.
Step 9
There is a small inner piece of plastic on this sleeve. This slots into the recess on the T-bar. This is then twisted to secure into place.
Step 10
Put the collar clasp onto the T-bar and then place the T-bar back into the handlebar stem.
The side of the collar clasp that the small screw goes through is placed on the side with the small recess in the handlebar stem (opposite side to the height
adjust button).
When closed the front of the clasp should be on the front of the handlebar stem.
Step 11
The larger plastic sleeve goes on next.
The lip of this should face the top of the handlebars and this rests on top of the handlebar stem.
The side with the full slit down faces the side with the height adjust button.
Step 12
Screw back in the small screw on the collar clasp.
Step 13

Tighten the larger screw on the collar clasp to secure this into place and then finally shut the clasp to provide extra tension.

This should be firm to close to prevent any movement on this joint.


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