Installing RGS-2 & RGS-3 Shank Bolts

Installing Shank Bolts On RGS-2 and RGS-3 Scooters

Tools Required For This Repair

For this repair you will need a philip head screwdriver and the medium sized allen key provided in the box of your original order.

Step 1

Place your 3Style Scooter on a table or similar surface upside-down, this will allow you to have easy access to the bottom of the front of the scooter/steering column

Step 2

Remove the two shank bolts located at the top going through the metal plate.

Step 3

Then remove the small screws which also go through the metal fender plate.

Step 4

Take off the metal fender plate.

Step 5

Remove the plastic guard.

Step 6

Pull the wheel shank axial off from the base and put these to one side.

Step 7

There are two small screws located on the base either side of the spring recess. Remove these two small screws.

Step 8

Pull on the coloured plastic to separate this from the black base.

Step 9

Always replace the entire shank bolt rather than just the smaller end screw. This is because there might be some damage to the thread of either part.
To remove the larger part of the shank bolt pull up on the top part of the base and push the bolt out.

Step 10

Once both shank bolts have been removed discard the old bolts and then put in place the new bolts.

Step 11

When the new shank bolts have been put into place, push down on the top part of the base making sure the screw recess lines up with the holes on the bottom part of the base.

Step 12

Screw the two small screws back into place either side of the spring recess.

Step 13

Put the wheel shank axial back onto the scooter. Position this first onto the shank bolts and push the spring into the recess on the base of the scooter.

Step 14

Put back the plastic guard back into place.

Step 15

Put the metal plate back on the scooter and secure this into place with the two smaller ends of the shank bolts and finally the two smaller screws.





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