Re-Activating The LED Lights On Your RGS-0 Scooter

How Our LED Wheels Work

Our LED wheels are powered by kinetic energy rather than batteries and will light up when the wheels are rotated. This means your scooter will be glowing for longer!

If the LED wheels are not working as they should, there are a few things you can do to try and resolve this. Please see the steps below to help activate the LED lights on your scooter.

Method 1 : Tightening the Wheel Bolt

  • If the bearing on the wheel is not snug around the LED mechanism in the center, the lights will not function properly.
  • The most frequent reason for this issue is that the bolt is not tightened sufficiently.
  • To fix this, tighten the bolt on the wheel and spin the wheel to see if the lights work.
  • Please note that the front left wheel bolt (when standing on the scooter) tightens by turning anti-clockwise, while all other bolts tighten by turning clockwise.


Method 2 - Push the Bearings in

  • If tightening the bolt does not activate the LED lights, the next step is to remove the wheel in question.
  • After removing the wheel, push the bearings on both sides as far as possible toward the center of the wheel.
  • Ensure the bearings are flush with the wheel.
  • Reattach the wheel and test the lights again.


Method 3 - Remove Bearings

The final method involves removing both the wheel and its bearings. Use one of the provided Allen keys or a similar tool to leverage the bearings out. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Insert the Allen key into the center of the wheel and position it under the top bearing.

Step 2

Push down on the top of the Allen key to gently ease the bearing out.

Step 3

To assist in removal, apply pressure to the Allen key at different points around the bearing, working your way around until the bearing comes out. For example, start with the Allen key under the left side of the bearing, then rotate around, pushing down until the bearing is removed.

Step 4

Turn the wheel over and repeat the process for the second bearing. Once both bearings are removed, place them back into their original positions, ensuring they are not inserted at an angle and are parallel with the LED mechanism (the white central part located between the two bearings).

Step 5

Push the bearings as far into the wheel as possible until they are almost flush with the wheel.

Step 6

Reattach the wheel to the scooter and test the LED lights to see if they work.