Shopify Planet

What is Shopify Planet?

Discover sustainable shipping through our collaboration with Planet, Shopify's groundbreaking app. Every order from our store now benefits from carbon-neutral shipping, highlighting our commitment to environmental responsibility with storefront icons. This partnership allocates a portion of each order to acquiring carbon removal credits from companies in the Shopify Sustainability Fund, actively pioneering technologies for long-term carbon storage. Join us in making a positive impact—our collaboration with Planet empowers you to support eco-friendly practices with every purchase, contributing to a greener future and embracing sustainability one shipped package at a time.

We Fund Innovations In


Planetary's technology speeds up the natural process of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by adding safe “antacids” to local ocean areas. Their process of producing antacids using mine waste also generates green hydrogen and battery metals.


Bio-oil is rich with carbon from the product it came from—in Charm’s case, sawdust and corn remnants. Instead of converting that oil into a usable product, Charm opts to permanently sequester it in the earth. Where? In industrial disposal wells and salt caverns underground.


Heirloom’s direct air capture technology enhances the carbon mineralisation process—driven by naturally occurring minerals, one of the planet’s most vital carbon sinks—to absorb CO2 from the air in days, rather than years. This is a very effective way of concealing carbon.