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RGS-1 Scooter Amazon Reviews Milestone 1000

It’s official, our RGS-1 Kids Three Wheel Scooter has finally hit 1000 reviews on Amazon.co.uk, and we couldn’t have done it without our loyal #3Stylers, so thank you all!

This is a welcome milestone for us after 5 years of giving #EverydayAdventures to children everywhere, it represents what we’ve always known, that a 3StyleScooter® is one of the best choices of scooter for budding riders everywhere.

The RGS-1 Scooter, Top-Selling On Amazon.co.uk

Since the debut of our RGS Range of Scooters the RGS-1 model has been a consistently popular scooter, having been at no.1 on Amazon.co.uk for 3 Wheel Scooters for other 3 years, and is the perfect starter scooter for kids. Just take a look at these features:


  • Light-up LED Wheels, powered by Kinetic energy – NO Batteries!

  • Adjustable height handles to suit riders of all ages

  • Folding design to allow for easy transport and storage

  • Lightweight design for easy handling for kids and portability



What Customers Are Saying About The RGS-1

With all these features and at a great price point to match, we’ve always known our RGS-1 was something special and these reviews highlight the many #3Stylers who agree, just take a read below of some of the great praise it’s received:

“I’m very impressed with the quality of the build, seems very sturdy and solid, once together and tightened up. The height of the handlebars is easily adjustable with a push button system and the folding mechanism is secured and unsecured with a quick release lever, which can be tightened enough so that my son is unable to operate it himself.”


“We’ve been using this for around a week and I am very impressed with the build quality. The tough ABS plastic looks like it will last forever and the metal components seem well machined and work perfectly. The folding action is fine, and the handle-height adjustment is easy to use.”


“My son was very pleased with this. It’s really good value for money. The wheels are quiet on the pavement (a real plus for us parents) and it is stable. The lights are a real bonus for my son. The ‘lean to steer’ has taken him longer to master but a good quality, good value scooter. Would definitely recommend it.”


“I bought this for my 3.5 yr old son. The LED lights look super at night, the scooter is so smooth to install and even has three height adjustments which are easy to do or undo and light weight. The plus point is that it has break at the back wheel. He rides it with confidence. Highly recommended.”


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