RGS-3 Made For Mums Bronze Winner 2019

Whose Scooter just won an award? Ours did!

Our RGS-3 scooter range has won Bronze 2019 Made For Mums Product Awards!

Having launched in 2017 and following a re-brand and re-design this year, it's amazing to see our much loved big kids scooter win this award.

Our RGS-3 fought it out against several other well known big brand names but came out a winner thanks to it's features and great price!


Our RGS-3 Scooter

Launched by 3StyleScooters in 2017, our RGS-3 scooter is the perfect big kids scooter for children aged 7+. With adjustable handles and folding design it's got all the features of competing products at almost half the price!
And unique to 3Style, every RGS scooter now features light-up LED Spin & Flash wheels for adding colour bursts to every scoot.


Who Are Made For Mums?

"MadeForMums is the UK’s biggest parenting reviews site with more than 2000 professional in-depth reviews, 5000 parent reviews and over a decade of expert and professional advice on important parenting topics.

Our mission is simple: to help parents make confident choices. 

We do this by being evidence-based, working with health professionals and experts in the parenting industry, as well as testing, reviewing and getting feedback on products that we write about."

The Made For Mum Toy Awards


As part of their commitment to helping UK parents, Made For Mums run a yearly product assessment and awards process in order to help advise parents across the UK on what are some of the best products for their kids.

Made For Mums starts by combing the UK market for hot products that kids everywhere are enjoying and parents are buying and get them in for testing.
Next, they send the products out to a network of Dad testers and get their feedback on those real-world tested products. Finally, the winners are announced!

To learn more about Made For Mums? Then visit them today: Made For Mums

In the realm of kids' scooters, winning an award isn't just about securing a shiny trophy; it's about recognizing the dedication and passion behind crafting the perfect ride for young adventurers. Here at 3Style, the significance of awards, like the recent recognition for our RGS-3 scooter, resonates deeply, propelling us to continually elevate our standards and exceed expectations in the world of kids' scooters.

For children, riding a scooter isn't merely a pastime; it's an avenue for self-expression and an opportunity to explore the world around them. When our RGS-3 scooter received an award, it wasn't just a triumph for us; it was a victory for every child who has experienced the thrill and freedom of riding one of our scooters.

Awards act as a seal of approval, reassuring parents that they are selecting the best for their children. When a scooter earns an award, it serves as a testament to its quality, safety, and innovation, instilling parents with confidence that they are investing in a product that will enrich their child's life and deliver countless hours of enjoyment.

However, awards transcend mere recognition; they signify the journey that led us there. For us, the acknowledgment of the RGS-3 scooter was validation of our unwavering commitment to excellence and our relentless pursuit of creating the ultimate riding experience for young adventurers. It ignited our passion for innovation and spurred us to continually push the boundaries of what's achievable in the realm of kids' scooters.

Furthermore, awards serve as a potent motivator for our team. Knowing that their hard work and ingenuity have been acknowledged propels them to strive even harder, innovate even more boldly, and persist in pursuing excellence in every endeavour. It serves as a reminder that every scooter we produce possesses the potential to positively impact the lives of children and families worldwide.

However, the most significant impact of awards lies in the joy they bring to children. Winning a made for mums award for the RGS-3 scooter wasn't merely about securing a trophy; it was about celebrating the myriad smiles, laughter, and adventures our scooters have brought to children globally. It serves as a testament to the magic of childhood and the potency of imagination, driving us to continually produce the finest kids' scooters on the market.

In conclusion, awards symbolize more than mere accolades; they epitomize our dedication to excellence and our commitment to crafting the finest possible experience for young riders. The recognition of the RGS-3 scooter was a proud moment for us, yet it also underscored the impact our scooters have on children's lives. As we persist in innovating and crafting new and exhilarating products, we will carry that fervour with us every step of the way.

If you would like to see 3Style win more awards like Made For Mums please leave reviews on our scooters you purchase to help us get the well deserved exposure for these award-winning scooters.

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