RGS-1 Scooter - DadsNet Gold Winner 2019

It's official!

Our RGS-1 kids scooter range has won GOLD at the 2019 DadsNet product awards!

Having launched in 2017 and following a re-brand and re-design this year, it's amazing to see our much loved starter scooter win this award.

Our little RGS-1 kids 3 wheel scooter fought it out against several other well known big brand names but came out the big winner thanks to it's features and great price! 


Our RGS-1 Scooter

Launched by 3StyleScooters in 2017, our RGS-1 scooter is the perfect kids scooter for little ones aged 3+. With adjustable handles and folding design it's got all the features of competing products at almost half the price!
And unique to 3Style, every RGS scooter now features light-up LED Spin & Flash wheels for adding colour bursts to every scoot.


Who Are DadsNet?

"Dads Net is a community-based, social innovation connecting with Dads believing that dads, mums & our children need better.

We create informative, entertaining & engaging content, aimed to help dads feel happier, healthier and better equipped as a dad."

The DadsNet Toy Awards

As part of their commitment to helping UK parents, DadsNet run a yearly product assessment and awards process in order to help advise parents across the UK on what are some of the best products for their kids.

DadsNet starts by combing the UK market for hot products that kids everywhere are enjoying and parents are buying and get them in for testing.
Next, they send the products out to a network of Dad testers and get their feedback on those real-world tested products. Finally, the winners are announced!

To learn more about DadsNet visit them today: The Dads Net


Our RGS-1 Scooter: A Testament to Excellence

Launched by 3StyleScooters, the RGS-1 scooter embodies the perfect balance of quality, functionality, and affordability. Designed with little ones in mind, it boasts a sturdy construction and intuitive features that make it ideal for beginners and experienced riders alike.

One standout feature of the RGS-1 scooter is its adjustable handles and folding design, which ensure a comfortable and convenient riding experience for children of all ages. Moreover, every RGS scooter now features light-up LED Spin & Flash wheels, adding an extra element of excitement and fun to every scoot.

DadsNet: Empowering Parents, Supporting Families

DadsNet is a community-based, social innovation dedicated to connecting with dads, moms, and children to create a better world. Through informative, entertaining, and engaging content, Dads Net aims to help parents feel happier, healthier, and better equipped in their journey of parenthood.

The DadsNet Toy Awards: A Beacon of Guidance for Parents

As part of their commitment to supporting UK parents, Dads Net conducts a yearly product assessment and awards process to identify the best products for children. By scouring the UK market for hot products and gathering feedback from a network of dad testers, They ensure that only the most exceptional products receive recognition.

The Triumph of the RGS-1 Scooter: A Testament to Quality and Value

The RGS-1 scooter's victory at the DadsNet Product Awards is a testament to its outstanding quality, innovative features, and unbeatable value. By offering a superior riding experience at a fraction of the cost, it has revolutionized the scooter market and brought joy to countless children and families across the UK.

Conclusion: Celebrating Excellence and Innovation

As we celebrate the success of the RGS-1 scooter at the 2019 DadsNet Product Awards, let us also applaud the dedication and commitment of DadsNet in supporting parents and children across the UK. Together, we can empower families, foster happiness, and create a brighter future for generations to come.

To learn more about DadsNet and join their vibrant community of parents, visit them today and embark on a journey of discovery, support, and camaraderie. Together, let's celebrate the triumph of innovation, affordability, and excellence embodied by the RGS-1 scooter, making every scoot a memorable adventure for young riders everywhere!

The success of the RGS-1 scooter at the 2019 DadsNet Product Awards serves as a beacon of inspiration for both parents and children. It exemplifies how a commitment to quality, innovation, and affordability can lead to unparalleled success in the competitive market landscape. By prioritizing the needs and preferences of young riders, 3StyleScooters has not only created a top-tier product but has also fostered a sense of excitement and adventure in children everywhere.

Furthermore, DadsNet's dedication to supporting UK parents is commendable, as it provides invaluable guidance and recommendations through its annual awards process. By leveraging the insights of real-world dad testers, They ensure that parents can make informed decisions when selecting products for their children.

As we look towards the future, let us celebrate the triumph of the RGS-1 scooter and the invaluable contributions of them in empowering parents and enriching the lives of families across the UK. Together, we can continue to champion excellence, innovation, and affordability in children's products, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of outdoor adventure.

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