Ecologi | Stopping Climate Change Through Tree Planting

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi stands at the forefront of the environmental revolution, offering a dynamic platform that transforms climate consciousness into impactful action. With a mission to reforest the planet and combat carbon emissions, Ecologi engages individuals and businesses globally in tree-planting initiatives and carbon offset projects. The platform fosters transparency, allowing users to track their contributions and witness the tangible results of their environmental efforts. More than just a company, Ecologi is a movement, inviting everyone to become stewards of the Earth, collectively building a greener, healthier planet for future generations.
For every order received on our website we plant a tree through Ecologi, checkout how many trees we have planted here.

A flourishing future for Gewocha Forest, Ethiopia

This project aims to restore 10,000 hectares of degraded land in the Amhara region of Ethiopia by supporting the introduction of 11.9 million trees, in collaboration with The Hunger Project. These will be introduced by three methods: planting, assisted natural regeneration, and conservation.

Planting forest gardens in Busoga, Uganda

TREES will be working with 400 farmers, beginning in January 2024, to plant a total of 1,600,000 trees over the next 4 years. Each farmer will plant 4,000 trees on their land to reach this figure. farmers who join the program will be taught to nurture their trees as living entities.

Planting forest gardens in Tanzania

This year’s planting season has gone incredibly well! Farmers enrolled in the Iringa CDI3 Forest Gardens program planted a huge 600,000 trees in January, and another 603,000 in February – this means over two thirds of the trees for this project have been planted in just 2 months.