Learn More About Our 2 Year Warranty

All of our products come with a 2 Year Limited Warranty
All products carry a 2-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Warranty claims can only be honoured with proof of purchase.
Our warranty breakdown in order:
- First 30 days: Free parts, repair, replacement or refund.
- 30 days – 6 months: Free parts, repair or replacement.
- 6 months – 12 months: Free parts or repair. 
- Free Warranty Extension - 12 months - 24 months: Free parts or repairs (excluding shipping costs to and from our workshop) following completion of our online Warranty Extension Form.
- We sell a range of warranty parts on our parts shop if you are not covered under warranty. We can also provide a repair service for a reasonable charge. Please Contact Us directly for a quotation.
Where a part is deemed to be faulty, 3Style Scooters will replace the part in question. Only where we are unable to supply the part or offer a suitable alternative will we replace the entire scooter. This will be at our own discretion.
Our warranty excludes issues caused due to neglect, accident or general wear and tear.
Excluded from our warranty are consumable parts such as wheels, bearings, foot boards and grips.