5 Most Common Scooter Repair Questions

Welcome to our troubleshooting guide, designed to help you quickly resolve common issues with your 3Style Scooter. Whether you're dealing with handlebars that won't stay upright, wheels that aren't lighting up, worn-out wheels, a problematic collar clasp, or steering difficulties, we've got you covered.

1. Scooter Repair: My handlebars won’t stay in the upright position.

Experiencing an issue with the screw and clasp is rare, but it's crucial to close the clasp correctly when setting up your scooter. If not closed properly, vibrations from riding can cause the nut to loosen.

To close the clasp correctly, follow these steps:

Ensure the pin is fully inserted into the recess on the scooter.

Tighten the nut before closing the clasp.

Close the clasp towards the ground to maintain the pin in the recess, which will secure the handlebars in place.

For a step-by-step guide and video on setting up your 3Style scooter, click HERE.

If the clasp becomes loose after tightening the nut and closing the clasp, the threading on the screw and clasp may be worn.

If you're within your 2-year warranty period, please CONTACT US for a free replacement screw and clasp. Video instructions for proper replacement can be found HERE.


Customers outside the warranty period can purchase a replacement screw and clasp in our PARTS SHOP. Instructions for proper replacement can be found HERE.

 2. Scooter Repair: My wheels aren’t lighting up.

First, try tightening the bolt on the wheel as it may not be tight enough

Next, remove the wheel from the scooter and push the bearings as far into the wheel as possible. The LED lights are powered by a mechanism inside the wheel, and if the bearings are not in contact with this mechanism, the lights will not work.

If that doesn't solve the issue, remove the bearings from the wheel and reinstall them, ensuring they are parallel to each other.

For detailed video steps on these processes, click HERE.



Still can't get the lights to work? GET IN TOUCH, and we will be happy to assist you further.


 3.Scooter Repair: My wheels have worn down and my scooter no longer rides smoothly.

As wheels naturally wear over time, they are not covered under warranty.

Please note that wheels will wear out faster if the scooter is used for skidding, whether intentionally or by mistake. We recommend monitoring how your child uses the scooter and encouraging them to slow down before engaging the brake to prevent skidding.

Using the scooter on hills will also increase brake usage, leading to faster wheel wear.

You can purchase replacement wheels in our PARTS SHOP. For instructions on replacing the wheels on your scooter, please click HERE.


Scooter Repair: changing wheels

 4. Scooter Repair: I’m experiencing difficulties with the collar clasp.

Due to frequent use when adjusting the handlebar height, the nut may come loose.

Always ensure you close the collar clasp correctly when adjusting the handlebars. To do this, first tighten the nut while the clasp is open, then close the clasp to provide extra tension and secure the joint.

Refer to Step 13 in this GUIDE for detailed instructions.

If you need further assistance, please send a photo of your collar clasp showing all components, along with a description of the issue, to our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM.

5. Scooter Repair: My scooter does not steer correctly.

First, check the scooter yourself to ensure the steering is working correctly.

When standing still on the scooter, tilt the handlebars to the left. Do the wheels turn left? Tilt the handlebars to the right. Do the wheels turn right?

If the wheels turn left and right with the handlebars, the mechanism is working fine. If this is the rider’s first time using a tilt-to-turn mechanism, it may take some practice to get used to it. We recommend practicing indoors, steering left and right while the scooter is stationary, then gradually moving on to steering while the scooter is in motion.

With a bit of practice, they'll be experts in no time!

If the handlebars are tilted left and right and the wheels remain in the same position, there may be an issue with the steering spring.

If you purchased your scooter within the last 2 years, please GET IN TOUCH with us, and we will send you a replacement steering spring free of charge under warranty. Instructions for replacing the steering spring can be found HERE.

If you are outside your warranty period, you can purchase a replacement steering spring from our PARTS SHOP. 


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Have a different repair question? visit our maintenance guides HERE , or contact our customer support team HERE

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