Installing The Brake


You will have originally been provided with an Allen Key / Screwdriver tool that will be needed for this repair.

Other Screwdrivers and Allen Keys of the correct size will also work.

Step 1

Place your RGS-2 3Style® scooter upside down on a table or similar surface.

Step 2

Remove the 8 screws located on the base of the scooter.

Step 3

Once the screws have been removed, turn the scooter the right way up.

Step 4

Unfold the handlebars to the upright position.

Step 5

Lift the coloured plastic up over the brake as shown in this picture. This will then expose the screws keeping the brake in place.

Step 6

Remove both of these screws.

Step 7

Remove the brake or the remainder of the brake if this has snapped off.

Step 8

Once the brake has been removed, stand the scooter on the handlebars so that the rear wheel is facing upwards. Then pull out the bottom block of the brake.

Step 9

The RGS-2 brake block will look like this.

Step 10

Put the new brake block into place.

Step 11

Position the new top part of the brake onto the scooter.

Step 12

Put the small nuts of the replacement screws into the recess of the brake block and hold these into place so that they don’t fall out.

Step 13

While still holding the nuts in place with one hand, use your other hand to screw the new brake securely onto the scooter.

Step 14

Once the brake has been attached, push the top part of the base back into place. Make sure to align the recess for the screws in place with the holes on the bottom part of the scooter base.

Step 15

Screw the 8 screws back into the base of the scooter to secure to join the top and bottom part of the base.

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